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Being a specialist provider, we have a number of different features included as standard with our comprehensive Alloy Wheel Insurance policy. A number of features we don't expect you to find within any other online provided policies. Other policies may not be able to provide cover for you, if your alloy wheels are diamond or laser cut, we can!

Diamond/Laser Cut Alloy Wheels Covered

Compare Alloy Wheel Insurance


More and more manufacturers are choosing to fit their cars with what we call diamond cut alloy wheels. This is to give them the edge over rivals and to give you the best finish of wheel possible, however, this comes at a cost when looking to replace, repair or even insure them. But, not with us. Working closely with the claims team and the underwriters, we have designed a policy that will protect your diamond cut alloy wheels should you need to repair them.


Whilst primarily we will always aim for a remote repair to take place, depending on the level of damage we may need to offer an alternative method of repair. Diamond cut alloy wheels are a specialist finish of wheel and therefore it's a little more complicated when repairing the wheel compared to your standard alloy wheel.


If your wheel can't be repaired at your remote location, we have the option of sending the wheel away to a central repair location for the wheel to be repaired. This gives us an advantage over many other policies and competitors as they may not have the ability to offer you any form of alternative repair, should the wheel not be repaired remotely.


Another advantage of a Alloy Wheel Insurance policy is that in the very unlikely event of the wheel not being repairable at any stage, we will contribute as much as £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel.


We understand that this may not cover the full cost of a replacement, however, the contribution is another feature we don't expect you to find anywhere else. 

Make upto 4 Claims Per Year


Whilst we don't expect you to make as many as 4 claims per year, if needed, you do have the ability to make as many as 4 claims per year and therefore over a three year term, as many as 12 claims. Other providers may offer you slighlty less, maybe 3 per year or a total of 5 over the policy term. Again, whilst we don't expect you to make as many as 12 claims over a three year term, the policy gives you that peace of mind that should need to make as many as 12 claims, you can do so.

No Maximum Repair Cost


Some other policies available on the market will have a maximum cost of say £100 or £150. This means that if the cost of repairing your Alloy Wheel is more than this amount, then the claim would be invalid. However, a Alloy policy has no maximum repair cost. Therefore, as long as the claim is a valid claim, no matter what the cost to repair the wheel remotely or at the central repair location, we will simply repair the alloy wheel. 

£10 Excess to Pay Per Claim


In the event of you having to make a claim, there is a £10 excess/call out charge to pay per claim. This does tend to be a standard feature of most Alloy Wheel Insurance policies available. However, we must highlight that other policies may charge you more and in other cases, they may charge you less. Be sure to double check to ensure that you are not paying more than you'd like, in the event of making a claim. have a number of different sister brands that specialise in offering different policy features for different situations. For example, the Alloy Wheel Insurance from will cover diamond cut alloy wheels, but there isn't an option for any alternative repair, should the wheel not be repairable remotely. If the wheel isn't repairable, there isn't any form of contribution towards the cost of a replacement alloy wheel. 


That said, the policy does have one clear advantage over a Alloy Wheel policy and that is that you don't have to pay any excess in the event of making a claim. However, you only have the ability to make upto 3 claims per year compared to upto 4 claims per year with a policy. 


The two policies have different features and will be priced at different amounts. Both policies are comprehensive options however, one has more ability than the other but it really does depend on what you're looking for. 

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