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Why should you spend your money on a Renault Clio?

So when you think of the ideal city car, what is the first vehicle that comes to mind?. Well there are certainly a lot of vehicles that you could think of. The Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and the Focus, all three of which were the best selling cars of 2014. One vehicle that we have left off of that list though was the Renault Clio. Today we have an in depth review of the Clio as we check out the kind of value for money that you can expect to receive from this particular addition to the Renault family. There is large number of trim levels up for grabs with the car which all boast some excellence when it comes down to equipment. The Clio is also known for being generous when it comes to standard pieces of kit. Both petrol and diesel engine options are also open with the Clio too meaning there is something to suit the needs of all buyers.


What equipment and engines can you expect to find inside the Clio?

As previously stated there are both petrol and diesel engine ranges to choose from which include 1.2 litre petrol engine which comes turbocharged and there is also a 1..5 litre Dci diesel option too. Stop-start engine technology is also offered across the range. In total, there are seven different versions of the car available. When we think of the kind of standard equipment to come along with the range though we see the likes of electric windows, hill start assistance, ABS as standard and cruise control also. These are just some of the main highlights for us. The further up the range you travel,the better equipment. Mid range trims start throwing in the likes of a seven inch touchscreen which operates as a sat nav,a leather steering wheel and new materials inside of the cabin. Aluminium accelerator and brake pedals,seventeen inch alloy wheels and a rear diffuser are all pieces of equipment brought into play with the GT Line models.


The model however that is the most equipped is the top range RenaultSport Nav 200. Automatic features are very much a theme with this model as we see automatic headlights, windscreen wipers and climate control all take their place inside the RenaultSport Nav 200. A Tom Tom sat nav system, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity all take a place inside this model.


How does the Clio compare to its rivals?

So when you think of rivals for this particular car family, much like we mentioned earlier this is lots of potential competition out on the road, especially considering the amount of trims on offer for the car. When you think of entry level models, the Focus and Fiesta once again come into play but based on good looks and added kit, we could also compare the RenaultSport Nav 200 to other hot hatches up for the taking such as the Golf Gti from Volkswagen. Price wise we think the French firm offer great value for money too. For an entry level Clio, the price range kicks off at £10,995.The most you can expect to pay out begins from £19,995 and that is for the RenaultSport 200 range.  

The Renault Clio

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