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Is the Mini Cooper 2014 the perfect little runner?



It is safe to say that Mini models have increasingly grown in size as the years have gone by. The classic Mini, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, measured 3054mm in length and 1397mm in width. The new Mini is around 800mm longer and over 300mm wider. 


However, when measuring the new Mini to the classic Mini, has the popularity also grown?


Upgrading the sizes and looks of the Mini range has proven to be a perfect choice for the BMW, as it looks to ensure the Mini can cater for the modern world. Variety is also the key, with many body shapes and models available, including the Clubman, Paceman and the Countryman.  Mini Cooper 2014


One link to the original Mini is a name synonymous with sporty performance. That name is John Cooper. Cooper is to Mini what Cosworth was to Ford, AMG is to Mercedes, and Abarth is to Fiat. 


Today we are checking out the Cooper model that was launched in 2014. We check out the Cooper, both inside and out, to see what makes this model so popular. 


The Cooper range is one of the longest produced cars, with its first arrival occurring in 1961. It carries a long and prestigious history and is still proving to be an excellent car in this day and age. How has the Mini Cooper maintained this standard of success, and what are the best features of the latest model?.


Some of the best features that the Mini Cooper 2014 carries

So when we think of why this car has proven to be a strong seller, there are features that come into play. The will include the engine, power produced, added equipment and more. 


So to outline the best parts of the latest model, we today look into the highlights. First up on the agenda, the new Cooper is offered with a 1.5 litre, turbocharged engine, which can be found paired up to the manual, six-speed gearbox as standard. With that in mind, the Cooper can hit out at a top speed of 130 miles per hour in total with just under half of this, meaning the 62mph sprint time being done in 7.9 seconds. Therefore, in our opinion, the Cooper is pretty decent when it comes down to its power source.


Other areas where the car shines include its seventeen-inch alloy wheels, adaptive dampers and a multi-functioning steering wheel. However, the Cooper gets better when the optional extras come into play. Heated seating, a sunroof made from glass, and LED lighting technology are all bonuses to choose from.


The biggest rivals for the latest Cooper

So when we look at the main competition that faces the latest Cooper, we see vehicles such as the DS range from Citroen and the UK's best selling vehicle, the Ford Fiesta, come into play. Price-wise we think that the car matches up here also. Prices for the range do climb depending on whether you choose optional extras or not, but base prices for the car get underway from £15,300. 


The Mini Cooper