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Why do Gap Insurance prices vary?

Is the most expensive option the best option to take?

Normally the price you pay for something gives you an idication of the level of cover, service, quality or backup you can expect. However, this is not the case with Gap Insurance. Lets show you what we mean ...

For Example, a £1.50 egg mayonnaise sandwich from your local supermarket would never be as wholesome and tasty, as a local deli artisan sandwich. Whilst being a fresh and fairly tasty sandwich, it could never be as nice as one that has been made with fresh organic wholemeal bread, fresh summer greens, organic eggs and traditional French mayonnaise. To keep costs down supermarkets simply cannot compete with the quality. Naturally, we expect to pay more for the deli sandwich due to the quality of the bread, the freshness of the ingredients, the quality of the flour and oil used to make the filling. It costs more to include the quality ingredients and these costs have to be passed down.

Gap Insurance, on the other hand is completely different.

More expensive policies do not mean that you automatically get ...

  • better quality,
  • better service,
  • better legal backing,
  • better claims handling,
  • better terms and conditions, 
  • or even a better settlement. 

Instead the price you pay for your Gap Insurance is nothing more and nothing less than an indication as to where you have bought it from. 

If like us you are naturally a little sceptical, why not try this simple exercise for yourself. Forget about all the marketing and the money spent to convince you to buy, instead have a look at what your policy will and won't do. 

Important aspects to look out for when choosing Gap Insurance ...

  1. Cover all named drivers.
  2. Does the policy pay from your own motor insurance companies settlement.
  3. Pay towards your excess.
  4. Cover the cost of all factory options.
  5. Have the backing of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  6. Pay you any money.
  7. Settles within a reasonable timeframe.
  8. Gives you enough time to make the claim.
  9. Contributes towards the costs of dealer fitted options.
  10. No upper claim limit.

Ideally we want all of the above to be a firm yes! On the other hand, we want the following features to be a big fat no, as it will compromise the way in which your policy performs. 

What not to have included within your Gap Insurance policy ...

If your policy has any of the below listed, your policy may not perform as a comprehensive Gap Insurance policy should do.

  1. Does not charge you any excess when you make a claim?
  2. Does not pay from a guide valuation instead of your insurance companies settlement?
  3. Does not charge for transferring your policy?
  4. Does not have a claim limit?
  5. Does not pay the garage?
  6. Does not insist that you have a replacement vehicle?
  7. Does not insist on a waiting period before you can make a claim?
  8. Does not have mileage restrictions?
  9. Charge administration fees?
  10. Does not limit the purchase price of your vehicle to a percentage of a guide price. 

The list above is simply a starting point, we wouldn't recommend that you consider any policy which has any of the NO category features. Providing that the policy has most of, if not all of the yes features, then the chances are that the level of cover that you are considering, will be as comprehensive as it should be.

Ok, so now you can see what is and isn't important with Gap Insurance, we can look at the price. You should be surprised to see that some of the least expensive policies have more of the comprehensive features than many of the more expensive policies. Again, we stress price is nothing more than an indicator as to where you purchased your policy from. 

What should you be paying for Gap Insurance?

Now that you have all the tools to compare any Gap Insurance providers why not click to see how we compare or contact a member of our award winning customer service team to find out how much you can save when purchase GAP protection.