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Which? Report on Gap Insurance | Total Loss Gap

Total Loss Gap have been featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance for a number of consecutive years.

Updated 25th October 2018

The Which? Report into Gap Insurance is updated on a yearly basis. The report itself has been constructed to inform consumers of the difference in price when purchasing Gap Insurance online to that within the dealership. Each year, they carry out a price comparison between a number of independent retailers online. They compare policy features, such as the contribution towards your motor insurance excess and policy claim limits, to name a few.

Total Loss Gap has once again been featured within the comparison and once again we are illustrated as being amongst the most cost effective providers of Gap Insurance in the UK. Total Loss Gap is the best priced in two out of three price comparisons, with the best priced in the other being our sister brand

At Total Loss Gap, we have one combined comprehensive policy that includes both forms of Gap Insurance, Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement. It's not one or the other and you don't have to decide which one is best for you. Instead, we simply pay out whichever is physically the best for you, either the invoice price or the cost of a replacement vehicle. However, other than our sister brand, if you are comparing Total Loss Gap with other online providers, we should still be better priced, even when comparing our comprehensive policy against a standard Return to Invoice type. 

If you are only interested in taking the Return to Invoice Gap Insurance policy, our sister brand comes out as the best priced option in 3 out 3 price comparisons. However, you will have to choose a suitable claim limit, that covers any shortfall should the worst happen. Remember, with Total Loss Gap, we have no upper limit and therefore you don't have to decide on an amount that's going to be suitable. 

On the price comparison table constructed by Which? you will see small letters next to some features on the table. Make sure you pay attention to the small letters and scroll down and see what the letters mean. For example, next to one price listed from a supplier it has the letter h. Then within the key, it highlights h as being a quotation offered with just a £5,000 claim limit. Whereas other quotations may have been obtained with a higher/more suitable claim limit, so be sure to check that the cover is sufficient. 

Price is always important, however getting the best and most suitable policy for you is even more imperative. At Total Loss Gap, we pride ourselves on our policy features and the way in which your policy performs should you need to make a claim. That said, being part of Aequitas, we are also a big believer in offering the best price, first time and every time. Recently featured within the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert Review into Gap Insurance, we have been highlighted as being amongst the most cost effective suppliers in the UK. The message is simply, don't spend more than you have to on comprehensive Gap Insurance.

We have a total of four brands that have all been featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance, Total Loss Gap,, Easy Gap and Gap Insurance 123. During the October 2018 update, both Gap Insurance 123 and Easy Gap have been re-launching the websites and updating the online customer experience. However, due to the fact that currently you are unable to obtain a quotation, they haven't been included within the latest comparison. That said, upon the re-launch of the two brands, be sure to compare them to other online competitors. 

If you would like a member of the team to save you both time and money, simply contact a member of the customer service team and we can run through a comparison quotation looking at all four of our brands to find the most suitable policy at the best price for you.