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With so many policies on the market what makes Total Loss Gap Insurance stand out from the crowd?

You may think that all Gap Insurance and forms of cover are almost the same. They all protect you if your vehicle is written off and they all make sure that if the worse ever does happen that you are not left out of pocket. What you may not know is tiny, almost apparently small differences in the terminology of your policy could mean that should you ever need to make a claim the amount that you are paid could be significantly lower than what you expected. At Total Loss Gap Insurance we have worked very hard in conjunction with our underwriters to make sure that our policies are what we genuinely consider to be the very best in the market.

That is a bold statement to make but we really do believe that we can justify the claim and hope that once you have considered all the facts you will too. Our Total Loss Gap Combined Invoice & Replacement Insurance policy is a 'UK first' for many reasons. For the first time ever the customer or the dealership is not asked to predict which level of policy will be best at a set period of time in the future.

Instead, the settlement is based on whichever is the higher from :

  • the outstanding finance settlement
  • the original invoice price you paid
  • the cost of the replacement vehicle, equivalent to yours (ie the same age, mileage, and specification) on the day you purchased it

The added bonus is you do not have to select an upper claim limit with Total Loss either.

Effectively our Total Loss Gap combined cover brings the elements of Finance Gap, Return to Invoice Gap, and Vehicle Replacement Gap together, and provides you with the best outcome in the event of a claim. No more guessing which type of Gap to take, no more having to estimate what claim limit cover you need. One policy, no claim limit, the best outcome for you. 

Still Confused? lets give you an example

In 2016 you buy a brand new Ford Focus Titanium spec, for £18,000

In 2019 the Focus is stolen and deemed a 'total loss by your motor insurer. Your motor insurer offers you £8,000 in a settlement.

With Total Loss Gap, we will take you from the motor insurers settlement and look at three things

  • The outstanding finance settlement - let's say that is now £7,000
  • The original invoice price you paid - easy we know that is £18,000
  • The cost of another brand new Ford Focus Titanium at time of claim - lets say that is now £20,000

So the highest of those three is the replacement cost in this example, so the Total Loss Gap will cover between £8,000 and the £20,000 replacement cost. We will therefore settle £12,000 to you.


No guesswork, no claim limit, just the best outcome for you!

Most consumers think that this means that vehicle replacement is always better. However please remember that the concept of vehicle replacement is that your policy will top you up to the replacement cost of another vehicle the same age, specification, and condition as yours was when you first collected it. While prices do historically and habitually increase this is not always the case and depending upon market forces and manufacturers' marketing, the cost of a replacement may be lower. This could mean that if you have purchased a vehicle replacement policy from a competitor you could end up out of pocket. (with a total loss gap insurance policy, the settlement would simply revert to return to the invoice)

No pondering about claim limits, no having to hope that the limit you have set is big enough to perform, instead our underwriters and market analysts have done the hard work for you. So the price you are quoted will depend on the purchase price of your vehicle and the length of cover you want only.

So why not put us to the test? Why not click or call for an instant total loss gap insurance quote and see the difference for yourself?