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Scratch & Dent Insurance | How does it work?

How does the policy work & what's involved when making a claim?

Scratch & Dent Insurance Quotation

Considering Scratch & Dent Insurance and wondering exactly what's involved and how it works? you have come to the right place. The idea of Scratch & Dent Insurance is to cover the cost of having minor damage repaired on your vehicle. Small scratches and scuffs picked up through day to day useage and parking in busy car parks can be very unsightly and annoying, however, having them repaired can also be quite costly. This is where Scratch & Dent Insurance can offer you that financial peace of mind.

Of course you have the ability to claim on your standard motor insurance to have the damage repaired, however, you may lose any no claims bonus that you have built up. Scratch & Dent Insurance really can be a cost effective alternative to making a claim on your motor insurance or having the damage repaired through a third party yourself.


Making a Scratch & Dent Insurance claim

It's a pretty simple process, upon noticing any damage, simply contact the claims team and give them a description of the damage and how it may have occurred. The claims team will then pass the details on to the local authorised repairers, who will then arrange an appointment time and location to come out and have the damage repaired. Depending on the damage, the repair process may take a couple of hours, the guaranteed repair will then leave the bodywork in a condition as good as new.

There is a £10 excess/call out charge to pay per claim and therefore if you are having more than piece of damage repaired, this would count as more than claim and therefore you would have to pay a further £10 per claim.

Main Features & Exclusions

Due to a number of different reasons, you don't have the ability to save up pieces of damage on the vehicle and claim on them all at the same time. You only have up to 30 days from when you have noticed the damage to contact the claims team and make them aware that a repair needs to take place.

Due to the effects the weather and normal useage can have on small scratches and dents, the longer you leave the damage, the harder and more complex the damage is to repair. Therefore, you have to inform the claims team within 30 days of the damage occuring for the claim to be approved.

This is a minor scratch and minor dent insurance policy, it is not designed to cover all pieces of damage and there are size limitations and certain exclusions attached. A main exclusion of the policy is that flat and horizontal surfaces aren't covered. Therefore, the likes of your bonnet and roof wouldn't be covered for any damage and the reason for this is, because of the complex paint finish and the fact you have to blend the paintwork in across the panels alongside. This could only be done through a bodyshop and any damage that would have to be repaired through a bodyshop wouldn't be covered.

The maximum size diameter of a scuff/scratch/minor dent is as follows: the size of the damage cannot be more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth and across no more than 2 body panels. At you have the ability to make up to 6 claims per year and therefore a total of 18 claims over a 3 year term. Whilst we don't expect you to need to make as many as 18 claims over a 3 year term, it really does give you that peace of mind that if something should happen, you're covered.

Can you combine Scratch & Dent Insurance with Gap Insurance?

Yes and No. Scratch & Dent Insurance is a stand alone policy and is not purchased in conjunction with any other policy, the same applies with Gap Insurance. However, providing you fit the criteria for the two forms of insurance, you do have the ability to purchase the two alongside eachother, but we must highlight that they are two separate forms of insurance. The same applies with any other form of insurance we provide, other than a Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance. Rather than taking Alloy Wheel Insurance and Tyre Insurance, you do have the ability to purchase one all inclusive policy that combines the two together.

If you do have any further questions or queries on Scratch & Dent protection, why not click to visit our FAQ Help Centre or alternatively click to contact a member of our award winning customer service team to ask any specific question you may have. If you would prefer to speak to a member of the team over the phone, contact a member of the team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 and any member of the team will be more than happy to help you.