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Making a Total Loss Gap Insurance Claim?


Making an insurance claim is never nice and making a total loss gap insurance claim is no exception. We have worked really hard with our underwriters and claims team to ensure that any claim you make runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible. However, there is never a nice reason that you have had to make a claim, either your vehicle has been stolen and you have become a victim of theft, or worse you have been in an accident which meant that your vehicle was written off.


How to make a Gap Insurance claim



  • The first action must come from your motor insurer. Once they confirm that they are NOT going to repair or replace your vehicle, instead they are looking to 'write off' the vehicle and make you a market value offer, then you can initiate your Gap Insurance claim. Its is key that you do not accept the motor insurers settlement offer before you contact our Gap Insurance claims team. If you call our claims team first they will be able to confirm what documentation we require and it also provides the opportunity for our claims team to discuss outstanding issues directly with your motor insurer, if they need to.


  • Upon receipt of the required documentation (examples of which would be a copy of the letter, confirming the settlement offer from your motor insurer, a copy of the vehicle sales invoice, a copy of any outstanding finance settlement etc) the claims team will be able to confirm the 'shortfall' payment applicable on the claim.


  • The Gap Insurance settlement is processed and issued to you. We would expect this process to take between 7-10 working days from the time all requested documentation is received.



Your own motor insurance are the only ones who have the right to declare your vehicle a total loss, and by the letter of the law and our terms and conditions, you do not have to contact us until they have confirmed this in writing. In fact you have up to 120 days after the day the incident happened which meant that your vehicle was written off to let us know.


We would, however, suggest that contacting us in the interim period not only means that we can provide support but also help as a reminder to ensure that you have all the relevant documentation to hand so that as soon as your vehicle is officially declared a "total loss" our claims team can spring into action.


At Total Loss, we completely understand that this can be a very stressful time and the very last thing that we would want is to put any additional stress on top of what could already be a very traumatic experience. So as part of our claims procedure, we ask you to hand over authority to our claims team to talk directly to your motor insurance company.


This helps everyone ensure that your claim is handled quickly and efficiently.

  1. You are not caught between two highly trained loss adjusters having to go back and forth between your gap insurance and the insurance company and can avoid all the stress and strain that this may otherwise cause.
  2. It helps to keep costs down as we have not got to pay for increased staffing levels to allow for this increased time delay and keeping you informed over extended periods of time.
  3. It speeds the whole claims process up which in turn again helps our underwriters and also means that you are paid at hyper speed.
  4. It ensures that both of your insurance companies (both your insurance company and our claims team) pay their fair share, not a penny more and not a penny less.

Key contact details for claimsGap Insurance claim team


Claims team telephone contact: 0114 321 9877


Claims address: Spectrum Insurance Services Limited, Westthorpe Business Innovation Centre, Westthorpe Business Park, Killamarsh, S21 1TZ


Claims team email: [email protected]


Please note the Claims Team opening hours are 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. The claims team are not available at weekends or public holidays. Any contact made in these periods will be processed as quickly as possible when the office reopens.


Our claims teams are highly trained experts with a wealth of experience and a real commitment to genuine customer service.


Please remember we aim to see your Total Loss Gap policy claim paid as quickly as possible. To do this we need the cooperation of both the motor insurer (or any third party insurer involved) and or our policyholder. If you have any questions regarding the claim please always seek the advice of our claims team. This will help ensure that claims are handled quickly and efficiently.


So while as genuinely good as our policies are we cannot stop your vehicle being written off or you being in an accident, we can, however, ensure that making a total loss gap insurance claim is as simple, stress-free, transparent and straight forward as possible.