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Total Loss Gap vs Dealership Gap InsuranceTotal Loss Gap Insurance Vs Dealership Gap Insurance

Is a Total Loss Gap Insurance policy better than your dealership?


We have spent a long time in the motor and finance industries, and in fact our senior management team have a cumulative total of over 75 years experience in the field. Certain members of our team have trained dealership sales teams, some have managed, all have also been involved in the finance and insurance departments and have extensive operational experience, even at board level.


When the company was originally formed many years ago, the aim was to always have terms and conditions that where at least the same if not better than the standard dealership policy. As always, it is impossible to confirm without officially comparing policy terms and conditions, however, we can say that as of yet, we have not seen or heard of a policy as comprehensive as the Combined Return to Invoice & Vehicle Replacement being offered within the dealership. 


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They may offer a standard level of Gap protection such as the Combined Return to Invoice, (Protecting the original invoice you have paid) however, the Combined Invoice & Replacement Gap policy at Total Loss Gap gives you more protection that may first be apparent. Rather than just protecting the original invoice price, instead we take you back up to the replacement cost of a 'like for like' vehicle, even if this is now thousands of pounds more expensive than the price you've paid. 


It's not just the main aim of the policy that is the most important factor in making a claim, instead all of the small features will have a big impact in the way that your policy may perform. Excess contributions, options covered and even administration fees will all have an impact on the way in which your policy performs should you need to make a claim.


The Financial Conduct Authority oversee the promotion and sales of all financial services have a few key guidelines. One of which, we think is exceptionally important, and that is to "treat Customers Fairly" this is often called TCF for short. When designing our Comprehensive Gap policy, we put this at the forefront of all decisions we made. This means that all the guess work, judgement calls and depreciation predictions have been taken away. Again, in the interests of being completely up front, it has also made things a lot easier for ourselves as well.


Unlike, many dealer and garage GAP policies, which involve you deciding from the outset what you would like to happen should your vehicle be written off and in some cases attempting to predict potential levels of depreciation. Instead our policy simply gives you the best financial outcome. This is what we consider to be the market leading example, in terms of treating customers fairly. After all what may be the very best level of cover for you today, may not be tomorrow. Instead our policies adapt to market values and your circumstances. 

Even with a combined experience of over 75 years, there are a few things we can't do ...

  • Guarantee the market value of your vehicle 
    • We can estimate, but it is a prediction not a guarantee
  • We won't know what the replacement cost of another vehicle could be?
    • We do not know what the exchange rates will be?
    • How much raw materials will cost?
    • What effect Brexit will have on car sales, which are already down 9.3% from 2016-2017.
    • We do not know what the manufacturer will have planned in terms of model or specification changes.
    • What will happen or will be the labour costs?

There are just too many variables and it is a strange unpredictable economic time we live in. The beauty and simplicity of a Combined Gap policy, is that it does not matter. Settling on the best outcome and with an open ended claim limit, it makes no difference. Please remember that each and every Gap Insurance policy in the land will have terms and conditions and ours does too. In fact, we are really very proud of them and they take pride of place on our website. If you would like to view our policy terms and conditions, simply click the link below.


Please also remember that when it comes to gap insurance the price you pay is in no way an indication of the quality, longevity or even service standards you can expect. Simply ignore the price completely when comparing and instead we would request that you simply focus on the policy terms and conditions. After all this is what would be used to calculate and settlement so ultimately these are the most important aspects. 

Total Loss Gap Insurance Policy Challenge


If you would like us to compare your dealership policy against the features of a Total Loss Gap policy?


Simply, email us at and send us your dealership policy. If you could briefly outline that you would like us to compare the features highlighted within the dealership policy against our own. We will compare the policy features and respond accordingly, whether that be via telephone or email. Again, we are yet to find a more comprehensive policy, but if yours is better, we will always let you know.


If you would like us to speak directly with the manufacturer/dealership providing your Gap policy, simply ask them to give us a call on the contact telephone numbers 0800 195 4926|0151 647 7556 and put us on loud speaker to ensure that you can hear our response.

Is a Total Loss Gap policy better than your dealership provided policy, the question you should be asking is whether or not your dealership policy is as good as a Total Loss Gap Combined Gap policy?

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