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TotalLossGap - Money Saving Expert Gap Insurance Review

The main purpose of the independent review into the sale of Gap Insurance was to inform consumers of the options you have when buying Gap Insurance. When you are first introduced to the product, you may not be given the correct information to make an informed decision and therefore may spend more than you have to.

Are we featured within the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert Gap Insurance Review?

Yes and No. Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited we have four individual brands selling GAP Insurance in the UK marketplace. Two of our brands, Gap Insurance 123 and Easy Gap have been featured on the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert report on GAP Insurance, as well as other well-known consumer brands in Honest John and Which?

Not being as prominent in the market at the time the report was initially carried out, Total Loss Gap is not directly mentioned within the report as a provider for you to consider. That said, we feel Total Loss Gap should be on your list of considerations for a number of different reasons.

At Total Loss Gap not only do we pride ourselves on comprehensive policy features or the award-winning customer service, we are also very proud of the prices we charge for the product and the money we are saving consumers on a day to day basis. As the report mentions, dealerships and garages may offer a form of GAP protection starting from £300+ for just three years cover. At Total Loss Gap, you have the flexibility of choosing a length of cover that suits your particular circumstance at a much more appropriate price and yet at no compromise in cover. 

Reasons to consider TotalLossGap when purchasing Gap Insurance

Best Price Guarantee - Some providers bandy around this statement with abandon. Whilst we do not (for reasons explained below), in the unlikely event of you finding a better price for the same policy feature set, simply let us know and we will look to beat it!

We add a caveat to that statement, however. For us to 'price match' the comparative policy must be of equivalent standard to ours. If the policy you are comparing does not meet the same feature set as Total Loss Gap then we will happily point this out and let you decide if you wanted to take the inferior policy at a lower premium.

Remember even an apparently top-level 'Vehicle Replacement' policy can see you with a lower settlement than with Total Loss Gap if it does not offer Invoice Protection also where the replacement cost has fallen. Some VRI cover requires you to take a physical replacement vehicle from a dealer of the insurers' choice, not yours, ours does not. Similarly, if you do not have an 'unlimited' claim limit then how can we say that a defined claim limit on another policy would be enough for a future claim.

Many companies say they will price match but will they feature match also?

Combination GAP Insurance - You don't have to decide which policy is going to be best for you, instead with Total Loss Gap, your policy will perform in the very best way it can do for you, whether that be to return you to your invoice price (Return to Invoice) or to top you back up to the cost to replace the vehicle with another 'like for like' model (Vehicle Replacement).

No Maximum Claim Limit - With a number of providers, Gap Insurance 123, and Easy Gap, you will have to select a maximum claim limit, i.e an amount you expect to need to top you up, should the worst happen. At Total Loss Gap, you no longer have to estimate an amount that you may need in the future, instead this policy will simply bridge that gap. 

5 Star Rated Features - A number of features that come as standard with Total Loss Gap have been described as being '5 Star' and therefore something to look out for when purchasing GAP protection. Features such as being able to transfer your policy or the £250 motor insurance excess contribution are highlighted features that come as standard with Total Loss Gap.

FSCS Protected - All of our policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK, meaning that if anything ever happened to the underwriting insurer, your policy is backed by the government-backed scheme.  

30 Day Cooling Off Period - If you change your mind on the Gap Insurance, for any reason, you have the ability to cancel and obtain a full refund within the first 30 days. Outside the 30 days, you can also cancel and obtain a pro-rata refund less a cancellation fee held by the underwriting insurer.