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Initial Rental Protection | Lease Gap Insurance | Total Loss Gap

+ Add Deposit/Initial Rental Protection to your Lease & Contract Hire Gap Insurance


When taking a vehicle on a form of lease or contract hire agreement and you don't have the option to own the vehicle, instead you hand it back at the end, you will have the option of paying a certain amount towards the agreement to reduce your monthly payments. This payment may be called an initial rental or advanced rental, some may refer to it as being a form of deposit. 


With most agreements you will have the option of paying 3, 6 or even 9 payments upfront, again to reduce your monthly rental amount. A typical Lease or Contract Hire Gap Insurance policy wouldn't protect this initial rental amount, however, at Total Loss Gap, we have developed the ability to protect your initial rental amount up to the value of £3,000.

Deposit Protection with Lease Hire Gap Insurance

The whole idea of Gap Insurance is to put you back in the same financial position you where in prior to leasing/purchasing a vehicle. However, your standard Contract Hire & Lease Hire GAP policy will only look to cover the amount outstanding on the agreement and not any initial rental. With the new initial rental protection option, you have the ability to protect that amount and ensure that if something did happen, you walk away with no liability and your advanced rental back with you.


This is very much a comprehensive feature should it be applicable to you. In some cases, you may not be expected to put an initial rental down on the agreement and even if you did, the amount may not be worth protecting, however, that decision is yours to make.


When obtaining a quotation, simply click through the questions and you will reach the build your quote section. Enter your monthly rental amount inc the VAT and the length of cover. This will then give you the standard policy premium, which is a one off single payment (unless you would like to finance it) that covers you for the full term. To add the deposit/initial rental protection to your quote, simply click the dropdown and click the tick box to add the feature to your policy. This will incur an additional premium which is added on to the total price.


If you have not taken your vehicle on a form of lease or contract hire agreement and instead on a form of finance and do have the option to keep the vehicle at the end, a form of Gap Insurance protection at Total Loss Gap will automatically cover any deposit you may have placed on the vehicle anyway. This is because you have the ability to protect either the orignal purchase price or the replacement cost as you have the ability to own the vehicle as part of the finance agreement.


When taking a typical lease or contract hire agreement, it is a specialist policy that is designed to protect any outstanding liability should the vehicle be declared a total loss. The initial rental protection is an additional option that gives you a greater and more comprehensive level of cover, should you need to use it and also should it be applicable.


Protect upto £3,000 of any initial deposit or rental you have placed on the vehicle with a Contract Hire & Lease Hire Gap Insurance policy from

Contract Hire & Lease Hire Gap Insurance Deposit Protection

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