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How to get a Gap Insurance quote from Total Loss Gap?

We are slightly different to other providers of Gap Insurance online, we will run through a series of questions to ensure that the policy you see, is the most suitable for your particular circumstance. Other providers may offer you a form of protection before finding out about the vehicle and under what circumstances you have purchased it. We don't want to confuse things by offering you a number of different policies, even though you may not be eligible for them. 

When you click to start your automated quotation, the system will run through a few questions to ensure that the policy shown is the most suitable for you. Once you have answered the questions, you will then reach the 'Build Your Quote' section of the website. You will then have to provide further information in order for us to give you a quotation.

Section 1 - Vehicle Price | Monthly Rental inc VAT

Once you have reached the 'Build Your Quote' stage, the first parameter for you to enter the information into, would be either 

the vehicle price or the monthly rental amount. If you have taken your vehicle on a form of lease/contract hire where you have no option to own the vehicle at the end, you will be required to enter your monthly rental amount. If you do have the option to own the vehicle or already do own the vehicle, you will be asked to enter the original purchase price you have paid for the vehicle. 

Invoice and finance documentation can be very confusing, there can be a lot of figures involved and you may be struggling as to which figure you should be entering. The figure we would require is the invoice price or 'cash price' of the vehicle. This should be the physical price you have actually paid for the vehicle, including any part exchange and deposit. However, if the vehicle is on a form of finance, we must highlight that the figure needed, wouldn't include the interest. We don't include this figure due to the fact that in the event of a total loss, your finance company would issue you with a settlement figure, which is always less any interest.

Section 2 - Length of Cover

Gap Insurance is slightly different to your standard motor insurance policy, rather than you renewing year on year, instead you have to decide how long you would like to covered for, from day one. We would always advise you to be protected for the full length of the finance agreement, however, if you expect to change the vehicle slighlty earlier, you always have the option of taking a reduced length. 

You have the option of selecting a length of cover from 2 years to 5 years, depending on which length of cover is going to be best for you. Once you have selected the length of cover, the system should then provide you with a quotation. Please remember, Gap Insurance isn't renewable and even if your policy expired, you wouldn't be able to get alternative cover of the same ability, from another provider. Instead you will have the option of what we call an 'Agreed' Value policy. This is based on the Glass' Guide Retail Value plus an extra 5%. 

Now you have your quotation, what do you need to buy a policy?

Not a lot is the honest answer. If you click the 'Add to Basket' and then the 'Checkout' button, you will then see the information we require to set the policy live. It's simply the policy holders name, contact details, address details and very basic vehicle details. The vehicle details is simply the registration number, make and model of the vehicle, approximate current mileage and first date of registration. The first date of registration is only an approximate and if it is a brand new vehicle, you may not have the registration date as of yet. However, it is usually the same day you collect the vehicle or take delivery. But, even if it isn't quite the correct date, it won't make any difference at all. 

If you are not due to collect the vehicle for a while, you will also have the option to save your quotation. Simply, click the 'Save Quote' button and enter your email address. An email copy of the quotation will be sent, with a live link back to the website for you to click through and purchase the policy online whenever that's suitable. Alternatively, if you would like a member of the team to set the policy up for you, simply contact us on either 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 and any member of the team will be able to assist. 

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