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It has become common practise for online retailers to provide discount or voucher codes in order for you to feel like you are getting a good deal. We understand that there is nothing better than coming away from buying a product and feeling like you have got a good deal and obtaining a discount code may give you that instant satisfaction.


Gap Insurance Discount Codes

However, at Total Loss Gap we take all the thrills away from obtaining a voucher code for Gap Insurance and instead give you the very best deal whether you like it or not. We're very much different to other online suppliers as we believe you should be given the very best price, first time and every time.


What happens if you don't have the time to look for a voucher code or if you work nightshifts and don't get the chance to call a member of the customer service team, with other online providers you could end up paying a lot more than you had to. They don't then call you the following day and tell you that you could have found a voucher code and then reduce your price accordingly, they just keep the extra premium. This is something we don't agree with.


That's why at Total Loss Gap, we price check the market on a daily basis to ensure that the price you see online is the best price you'll find, no discount codes and no vouchers, just the best price. 

What happens if you find a better price elsewhere?


Simply, contact a member of the team either via email, an online message or via the contact telephone numbers and providing the level of cover is a comparable product then we will always aim to beat it. Although, we price check on a daily basis, we are only human and if another competitor changes a price or introduces a new discount code, there may be a small chance that we have missed it. Unlikely, but possible. If that is the case, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the team. 

Do we offer a bundle policy discount? 


Again, unfortunately not. We say unfortunately, because of the fact we take away any extra thrills from further discounts or codes. However, we still promise to be the best price you find for the same comparible product. Whether that be the Gap Insurance or the Scratch & Dent, Alloy Wheel or even Tyre Insurance. Not all policies are the same, all policies will have different capabilities and will cover different things. With the likes of Scratch & Dent, Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance, you may believe that they are all similar, however, this is not the case, so be sure to check the capabilities as well as the price.

Why not save yourself both time and money and click for a quotation or contact a member of the customer service team for the best price, first time and every time.

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