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Total Loss Gap is pleased to confirm that we have been recognised as the 'Best Buy' for GAP Insurance in the UK by motoring giant Auto Express.


Auto Express undertook an independent survey of various Gap Insurance providers in the UK. They took a standard quote from a franchised primary dealer for a £32,270 vehicle and obtained a quote for three year Gap cover for £449. Auto Express Best buy Gap InsuranceThis quote was then compared against many online providers for alternative quotations.


Auto Express highlighted the ease at which a quote can be obtained from the Total Loss Gap website.


It confirmed the premium found at Total Loss Gap was 59% cheaper than the motor dealer at £185.28


Total Loss Gap was the ONLY provider to be given a full 5 out of 5-star rating.


Total Loss Gap was also awarded the 'Best Buy' for Gap Insurance in the UK for 2021.



Auto Express also commented that Total Loss was the only provider they found to allow deferred start dates. This would allow a later start date if the motor insurers' replacement cover covered the car in year one.


In awarding the Best Buy to Total Loss Gap, Auto Express concluded that we were 'Clear, honest and good value.'


A spokesperson for Total Loss Gap said 'We are honoured to be the only Gap Insurance provider to get a 5 Star award and the only Gap provider to get the 'Best Buy' recommendation from such as name as Auto Express."


"At Total Loss Gap, we always strive to provide our customers with the best 'value' with the products we provide. Value can be found in the service we provide, the features you get, and the premium price you pay. It is great to see that an industry giant agrees with us too."


The Auto Express Gap Insurance review can be found in the current magazine and can be found on the Auto Express website also. (CLICK HERE to see)