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Best Tyre Insurance?


Where can you buy the best tyre insurance, and what makes it the best?


Type the best tyre insurance into Google, and you will be met with a host of suppliers, all proclaiming to offer the best level of coverage. We did and we counted at least 10 different suppliers on the first page. Surely, they can not all be the best, can they? For instance, one policy might offer unlimited claims, while another might have a lower premium but a higher excess. So, how do you know which is the best policy for you, and how can you make genuine comparisons? Is your dealership-supplied policy the best option, or can you get more choice and better value?


This answer is more complex than you may first think, as the best level of tyre insurance for one driver may be different for another.


We say this as one driver may think that the number of claims you can make is the best level of tyre insurance; conversely, it could be the number of years, the excess or call-out charge, or perhaps the price of the policy itself.


Given the unique nature of tyre insurance policies, we want you to take the driver's seat and outline what matters most to you before purchasing a policy. Your personal preferences and needs should be the guiding light in this decision-making process.

  • How many years cover do you want?
  • How many tyre insurance claims do you want the potential to make annually?
  • Are you worried about an excess or call-out charge?
  • Is the maximum amount you can claim per tyre necessary?
  • Is being restricted to one or two tyre insurance suppliers a concern? If so, where is your nearest local repair centre?
  • Does the policy cover your type of tyre, for example, N Rated or self-healing?


Lastly, and we know, an important aspect is how much the tyre insurance policy costs itself.


We live in the real world, and the price you pay for your policy has to be considered. The cost of the policy itself is a significant factor for many car owners. Now more than ever, we all need to ensure we get real, genuine value for money. So, the cost of the policy has to be a factor. Rest assured, we're here to help you find the best value for your money.


Once you have decided which elements of your tyre insurance policy quote are essential to you and which are less critical, you can start to compare the levels of coverage.


We hope you can then make confident, informed choices about which tyre insurance policy is best for you.