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Is this genuinely the best price Gap Insurance you can buy today?

Total Loss Gap Insurance Best Price Guarantee


At Total Loss Gap we live in the real world. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees and we all have to look after our finances and make sure that every penny is working hard and well spent.


Equally, we know that, everyone wants to get real, genuine value for money. Shopping and buying online is now a normal part of life for many and the trend is getting bigger year on year. Therefore, it has become the trend to shop around online and find the very best deal for you, but is the price you find at Total Loss Gap, the very best price? 


As part of our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we price check on a day to day basis to make sure that the price you see is the best price you should find in the UK for that same policy type. We don't ask you to look for a discount or voucher code to get an extra 10% off. We believe in offering you the best price, first time and everytime. When price checking, we will always take into consideration any discount codes currently available online and will always reduce the price by the discounted amount to ensure that price you see is the best price. 


Real value for money without having to waste the time finding the different codes. 


In some ways, we consider that this would equate to rewarding the computer savvy. This would mean by contrast putting those less able at a financial disadvantage and would be completely against our ethos of being "fair and honest at all times". Almost, as we think discriminating against certain members of the online community. If We can provide it at the discounted price, shouldn't we just that for all? We do. Others don't. 


Therefore, whether you speak to a member of the team, purchase more than one policy or buy a policy in the middle of the night, you will still get the best price, first time and every time. That's before looking at how our policies perform and the added capabilities compared to other policies promoted as being the best. 


Price is always important, that's why we promise to be the best you'll find. However, the way in which your policy performs and what it will and won't cover are all things you should be considering. In terms of the Gap Insurance, features such as not having a set claim limit and also the policy being a combination of the two highest levels of cover are features that make the policy the comprehensive choice, the price is just a bonus.


We want you to save yourself time and money, simply click for a quotation or contact a member of our award winning customer service team and find out how much you could save with Total Loss Gap. 


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